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Our Drivers Are The Best!

Dells Army Duck Drivers have some of the best experience out there. Most of our employees are Wisconsin Dells area locals who have extensive knowledge of the area and are able to answer any question that you may have. The number one priority of each Driver is for the passenger to have a safe and fun tour! While learning about the natural history of the Dells and seeing sites along both the Wisconsin River and Lake Delton, Dells Army Ducks offer a fun way to experience the Dells aboard an amphibious vehicle.

We love our Drivers and can’t wait to show off to you how fun they are! Get your tickets today for a Dells Army Duck Tour. Tickets don’t expire until they are used!

Memories Begin Here
  • Army Ducks
  • Wildthing
  • Boat Patrol
  • Bigfoot Ziplines
  • Big Foot Ropes Course