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History of DUKW Vehicles in the Dells

Right after WWII, a Milwaukee gentleman named Melvin H. Flath read about an auction out in California where they were auctioning off a surplus of trucks. He went out there, and to his surprise found the trucks to be amphibious vehicles and nothing that he had imagined. These vehicles were used during WWII to help transport goods and troops over land and water. After some thought, Melvin bought what is now popularly known as a DUKW vehicle, or DUCK!

He rode his DUCK back to Milwaukee and was at first made fun of for his bulky purchase. He installed some used Milwaukee bus seats in his DUCK and on Sundays, would take his family in Pewaukee Lake. He charged others 50 cents to ride in his DUCK as he’d splash in the water! At one point, someone mentioned to Melvin that he should take his DUCK to Wisconsin Dells, where everyday is Sunday!

He did the following week and in 1946, began giving one and a half hour tours of the Dells. Over 70 years later, the DUCK tours continue to impress visitors to Wisconsin Dells with their rich history, nature scenery, and a splashing good time!

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